Ezra Cohen – CEO

US : +1 215 253 4585
EU : +420 602875131
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American by birth, currently based out of the Czech Republic. Ezra started out in the Fine Arts with a Bachelors Degree in Sculpture. Planning to do web design for 6 months to make a few extra dollars before returning to art… it’s now 20+ years later. Over the years our focus has shifted with the times. Originally it was cohesive design across all media. Print, television, and web. Then Flash was king for awhile. Then Content Management Systems and eCommerce. Then native mobile applications. In 2015 our main focus became software development. Middleware for connecting various enterprise systems as well as full-blown SaaS (Software as a Service). Not exclusively¬†but mainly Insurtech and Fintech. The next chapter in 2017 will be Blockchain.

We’ve begun to concept and build our own Insurtech (on demand and travel insurance) and Blockchain (machine learning related) products. If you are interested to learn more, please send me a note. We’re too early days to discuss investment but we’d be very interested to talk with potential advisors.