We take your digital concept and
  • architect it
  • design it
  • build it
  • make it
  • support it

LucidCircus is a digital development company especially focused on serving founders looking for start-to-finish support.

We take your concept and bring it to life in a functional, high-quality digital product, and work together long-term to drive visibility, credibility, and profitability.

Whatever you dream up, we can handle it. (Trust us, we’ve been doing this since… 1994.)

It’s Philadelphia, 1994. Web 1.0.

A bunch of art school kids get together, handcrafting websites in a text editor with tables and a handful of hacks.

Flash forward to ‘98, and we’re a full-service design agency, expanding into animation and print design..

Enter: the dot-com bubble burst. We survive by going fully remote. Land contracts creating digital experiences for companies like AOL and Netscape.

Over the next 15 years, we stay at the forefront of digital development, design, and marketing. Today, we focus on bringing all those pieces together into a soup-to-nuts process, taking digital concepts and architecting, designing, building, and marketing them.

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LucidCircus by the numbers
People ~100

Our team is made up of true experts in everything digital development, able to easily break down what we’re doing for even the most non-technical founder to understand.

Years in business 20+

We’ve come a long way since our art school roots in Philadelphia, when an animator, a graphic designer, and a web developer got together to create LucidCircus in the 90s.

Our first flash showreel, circa 1994.

Clients 500

We have worked with and built partnerships with ad agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and ma n’ pa start-ups from around the world and across time zones.

Our latest reel, circa 2022.

Cities ?

Wherever, whenever you are, we can work with you. Our people are in the East and West Coast as well as West, Central, and Eastern Europe.

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Client stories

When we started ISEBOX, we were unfunded and completely bootstrapped, and we reached a million dollars in annual revenue on a platform that LucidCircus built and maintained for us…

Salvatore Salpietro Cofounder of ISEBOX

We had a pretty clear idea of the structure of our platform. I literally sketched it out with black marker and paper on the floor. When it came to hiring a developer, I was looking for somebody who could take that and understand it.

Understanding the vision is critical. It can be difficult as humans to convey what's in your mind to another, but LucidCircus was able to take what we imagined and make something real out of it.

The quality of their work shows in the results. When we started ISEBOX, we were unfunded and completely bootstrapped, and we reached a million dollars in annual revenue on a platform that LucidCircus built and maintained for us.

Client stories

LucidCircus creates whatever I need on time, on budget, and of a quality that is representative of the brand.

Brian Weisfeld Founder of The Startup Squad

They handle the build and maintenance of my website, deal with any technical issues, maintenance issues, and upgrades, and just do anything I need to do on my site, including newsletters and SEO. They can do it all.

They're also extremely responsive. If I ask a question at night, the answer is waiting for me in the morning. Their customer service is great, and they don't nickel and dime me asking questions. They're a resource there to help.

Client stories

“We've seen huge improvements to our SEO rankings and conversion rates and overall traffic to the website…”

Josh Okun Digital Director, Child Mind Institute

“LucidCircus helps us grow, reach more people, and get our resources into the hands of more people. We've seen huge improvements to our SEO rankings and conversion rates and overall traffic to the website.

The best part about having LucidCircus on board is that they are an extension of our team. They're always coming up with new ideas and suggestions, and they're thorough and thoughtful, so there hasn't been a need to hire somebody in-house. They're committed to making sure that we are successful and there's never a shortage of ideas.

We have these weekly calls that are very organized, and we go through what they’ve been working on what new ideas they have. It's always exciting to have these weekly meetings. Normally a weekly check-in call is not something I'm looking forward to, but these are always exciting.”

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Client stories

Cutting edge of emerging technologies

Dwayne Flinchum President at ScientificBrands

Ezra has been a digital leader and advisor for my former firm, IridiumGroup, and for other organizations like the Child Mind Institute, where I led marketing and communications.

For over 20 years, Ezra has remained at the cutting edge of emerging technologies, web development, UX/CX, SEO, and a leader in the full suite of integrated digital marketing products. I recommend Ezra without reservation to present smart insights and deliver principled, fair-priced solutions.

Go to scientificbrands.com
Client stories

“Everything they've built for me drives. There are no bugs, there are no problems. It just works…”

David Grew Founder of PRIMR

“My goal working with LucidCircus was to build an MVP, or a minimum viable product. But even though it was an MVP, it did have to hit a rather high bar in terms of execution and professionalism because of the nature of its being in the healthcare industry. LucidCircus was able to do that. Everything they've built for me drives. There are no bugs, there are no problems. It just works.

But probably most important for me as a non-technical person was that they took the time to explain things to me that I didn't understand. There was no arrogance. They were very humble. They didn't use jargon. It takes people who actually have a pretty deep understanding of the nuance of the work that they're doing to be able to then translate that into something simple.”

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Our impact

We rise lifting others

We support humanitarian groups that give underprivileged children and families chances to grow.


Our work is better because of the diversity of our talents and our clients.

We’re not just digital strategists, designers, or developers. We’re people first and foremost. We believe that diverse teams produce better results. That's why our teams are made of people with different backgrounds, genders, races, cultures, religions, abilities, and sexual orientations.

We strive to work with clients who bring a wide variety of business challenges, across geographies and across industries. From working with mental health organizations or the newest SaaS products to ensuring their digital homes are accessible to everyone, diversity and inclusion are pillars of our business.

Join us

If you’re looking to join a collaborative team don’t hesitate to reach out and share your experience with us - we love to meet new people who might make great colleagues. We hope you'll introduce yourself even if your educational background or experience doesn’t feel like the perfect fit.

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