ISEBOX is a “Software As A Service” that we designed and developed.  It is an innovative solution born out of a problem. The founders of ISEBOX come from a business where aggregating and distributing large amounts of digital content around the planet is both business critical and a hassle. Previously requiring courier services, FTP logins, burning DVDs, and other lengthy and complex processes.

The solution:

Study the problems and find creative, simple and technologically advanced solutions. ISEBOX was built, tested, and subsequently changed the way content was distributed and presented.  ISEBOX won it’s own gold medal of sorts – at the London 2012 Olympics. Hundreds of thousands of downloads, from all over the globe, on desktop and mobile devices, without a single incident.

Essentially an ISEBOX is a multi-media press kit that is easy enough for an intern to assemble.  You combine text, audio, video and photographic assets into one easy to distribute kit.  Video is automagically optimized for all devices.

We also built their corporate site in WordPress.

Services used:

  • design of the ISEBOX UX
  • continuous enhancement of the platform since 2011
  • wordpress implementation of the corporate site

What it does:

  • content publishing and sharing
  • HD video distribution
  • large file uploader
  • analytics
  • tracking
  • reporting
  • mobile optimized for iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • email distribution
  • multi-lingual
  • social media integration
  • more every month…


Project Details

  • Client ISEBOX
  • Tags CMS, Corporate
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