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Child Mind Institute

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The Child Mind Institute was created to transform the lives of children. According to their research, as many as one in five children have mental health or learning challenges. Furthermore, about 70% of the counties in the United States do not have a single child and adolescent psychiatrist. Therefore, the Child Mind Institute and the incredible clinicians who work there have dedicated themselves to creating educational resources to serve teachers, parents, and children.

These resources must be easy to understand and easily accessible through the internet. To that end, in 2021, the Child Mind Institute, through generous grants from the Morgan Stanley Foundation and the State of California, created the Digital Family Resource Center and the California Healthy Minds Thriving Kids Project. The content developed through these projects is available in English and Spanish.

Because of the success of these programs, the Child Mind Institute has been able to seek additional grant funding for new and expanded programming coming in 2023 and beyond.



Since 2016, LucidCircus has provided digital marketing support to the Child Mind Institute’s Digital Team. These services include: 

Development support for regular website maintenance and the creation of microsites and landing pages. Maintenance of plugins, apps, and third-party integrations, including Gravityforms and Pardot for email list management.  Support for FundraiseUp (the organization’s donation software) and analytics tools for tracking website use. 

SEO consulting for both technical and on-page needs. We regularly advise CMI’s editorial team on keyword research, Titles and meta descriptions, trending topics, and opportunities to increase organic traffic. 

Advanced analytics leveraging Google Analytics, GA4, Google Tag Manager, Quantcast, Microsoft Clarity, Hotjar, and UTM parameters. 

Paid Search for brand awareness, promoting CMI’s resources, programs, and events, and encouraging increased donations. LucidCircus has also managed a $10,000/month google grant on behalf of Child Mind Institute.

“We've seen huge improvements to our SEO rankings and conversion rates and overall traffic to the website…” “LucidCircus helps us grow, reach more people, and get our resources into the hands of more people. We've seen huge improvements to our SEO rankings and conversion rates and overall traffic to the website. The best part about having LucidCircus on board is that they are an extension of our team. They're always coming up with new ideas and suggestions, and they're thorough and thoughtful, so there hasn't been a need to hire somebody in-house. They're committed to making sure that we are successful and there's never a shortage of ideas. We have these weekly calls that are very organized, and we go through what they’ve been working on what new ideas they have. It's always exciting to have these weekly meetings. Normally a weekly check-in call is not something I'm looking forward to, but these are always exciting.”



By creating a dedicated team that is an extension of the Child Mind Institute’s digital team we’ve been able to help them grow traffic, increase donations during their year-end appeal, expand their website and provide support for routine operations as well as these special projects.

This has provided significant cost savings to CMI as they have not needed to bring in full-time staff members to handle these tasks. Our team is able to scale up and down to support CMI's evolving needs.

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  • GravityForms
  • ContentKing
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